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Beautiful Meditation Candle

We are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Mithras Candles to create beautiful tarot inspired meditation candles. The High Priestess is the first edition in the line of tarot devotional candles. She is illuminated in gold and adorns rich amber glass that holds a pure beeswax candle. The aroma is a subtle floral-honey and gives off an enchanting warm glow - perfect for meditation, journaling, or relaxation!

This Ethereal Visions Tarot/Mithras devotional candle is the perfect way to experience the divine apian, floral-honeyed aroma of quality beeswax sourced from Pennsylvania farms.

This devotional candle gives you all the beauty of a pillar but without worrying about drips or meltdowns. You can enjoy the natural scent alone or anoint it with your favorite oils to enhance your devotion or meditation. These candles are pure magic! This candle will be available in the Dreamscape Oracle Cards campaign Backerkit as an add-on for backers of the campaign. The campaign ends March 24th!

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