Classic Horror Collection

Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is the first illustrated edition in our Classic Horror Series.
This beautiful edition is the original 1818 text written by Mary Shelley.  Her story began as a competition among friends, lovers, and romantic poets which resulted in a dream that inspired what is hailed as the world's first science fiction novel and one of the greatest horror monsters in English literature. While traveling through Switzerland with her future husband, Percy Shelley, and Lord Byron, Mary Shelley won the friendly competition to write the best horror story. Mary dreamt about a scientific experiment gone wrong at Germany’s Frankenstein castle, which she visited just days before, and the resulting story evolved into an iconic novel of the Romantic era.

"Universal Studios' version of the monster is so ubiquitous that it is easy to forget how open the creature is to interpretation. Hughes' style captures the unnatural state of the monster with a mix of beauty and horror befitting Shelly's creation."  
Sean Kotz--Radford University, Cinema; Director, Horse Archer Productions

Dracula Illuminated is the second illustrated edition in our Classic Horror Series.

Dracula, by Bram Stoker birthed an entire genre of horror for literature and film. The story is told in an epistolary format where Dracula seeks to escape his own dead world in Transylvania. The tale centers around Dracula's desire to relocate in England, a nation rising in power and technology at a rapid rate--a type of "new blood," so to speak. 

"One early reviewer of Dracula praised my great-great granduncle for writing with the eye of a painter. I can hardly imagine a more fitting tribute than to see his timeless tale brought to life anew by the illustrative vision of a great modern visual artist."  
Parker Stoker--University of South Carolina, Bram Stoker Estate